About Us

For more than 20 years Redang Lagoon has been providing unforgettable experiences for our guest from around the world. Focusing on simple accommodation and local scrumptious food, we let the natural beauty of Redang do the talking.

We are a proudly family owned business, now going strong with the second generation taking over

With more than 60 rooms and our unbeatable prices, you can afford to bring your whole family! For large bookings please contact us by email or phone.


Redang Island is a beautiful tropical island located of the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, sandy white beaches and teaming with fishes and corals.

Most of the resorts on Redang Island are on the largest beach “Pasir Panjang” or Long Beach. There is also a village in the center of the island.

The major economy of the villagers used to be fishing but now has transitioned to tourism.